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phytolith, kemence

The first phytolith from Hungary. The complet phytolith analysis of these phytoliths where happend in Hungary. More

phytolith, chang It’s important to know that plants’ ability to produce phytolith differs. The climate, the physical and chemical attributes of the soil, the age of the plant and its place in the taxonomy all play a role in the phytolith producing ability. More
sümegi, pál Nowadays, when nobody can ignore the effects of climate changes (of course for some people this is the challenge in itself) the recent and long past events of environmental history become more and more valuable. More
phytolith, cell Scientist got interested in these little particles in early days but they had to wait until suitable technology was available to study them. As soon as microscopes appeared researches started. More bodrogköz really qualified international research team is working on exploring the events of the past. Everyone is working in his own field using his own devices and methods. More
palynology Phytoliths can be used for such paleoenvironmental reconstructions very well. Obviously the more factors we examine the more accurate picture we can get. More cave As Mr Keating quotes Whitman’s poem in the film called Dead Poets’ Society: “That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.” More