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I think I have already answered the most frequently asked question (‘What do you do?’ and ‘What is this phytolith?’), so let’s move on to the next one: ‘Why do you do this?’ ‘Why don’t you study to be a lawyer or a doctor?’ The answer is simple: this interests me. I like it.

I’m interested in several other things but this field of research still has many unanswered questions, let me say ‘challenges’.

Nowadays, when nobody can ignore the effects of climate changes (of course for some people this is the challenge in itself) the recent and long past events of environmental history become more and more valuable. The climate of our Earth is changing continuously though with different degrees of intensity. This change is important from the aspect of former communities because it demanded a constant adjustment from them. ‘Where and what kind of social and economical processes were started by the changes of environment?’ ‘What can we learn from it?’ ‘Where are the areas where you can safely survive the negative effects of climate changes?’

To answer these and other really exciting questions we need to obtain and analyze lots of data which may be useless at first sight. A really qualified international research team is working on exploring the events of the past. Everyone is working in his own field using his own devices and methods. The results become more and more important as we have already begun this new worldwide experiment. The coal, which was set in several million years, now is being returned back to the atmosphere really quickly from geochronological aspects inducing significant environmental changes. … But what will be the result of this? It is not easy to picture it… we need lots of data!

As Mr Keating quotes Whitman’s poem in the film called Dead Poets’ Society: “That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.”

Or if we look at it from a different view, my motives could be illustrated with a well known quote by J. H. "Groucho" Marx: “I refuse to join to any club that would have me as a member.”


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